The property taxes that an Illinois taxpayer pays are based on their property's assessed value as determined by the county assessor. The assessor's office does not control the tax rates imposed by the county, city, township or schools. The assessment of your property is key in determining the amount of taxes owed.

Even if property values have decreased, the assessed value could be still higher than the taxable value upon which the property tax is calculated. This means that property taxes probably won't decrease and you could receive an increase in property taxes based on inflation.

Not all properties qualify for a reduction, but if yours does, The Canoura Team can provide information concerning the value of property on similar types of property. This information is not offered as legal advice and should you elect to appeal, please seek the services of an attorney to prepare the appeal forms and advocate at an appeals hearing. A Canoura team member can present valuation evidence as an expert witness at a hearing should your attorney require our services.

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